How to book a Tone Zone or swim session

Book a swim session

Log onto online account and choose ‘Browse Tickets’ from the menu.

In the ticket booking page:

  1. Activity - choose Swimming Sessions
  2. Club – Choose the centre you want to book
  3. Session Date – Choose a date (There are other drop down menus on this page. You don’t need to use them all, just these three)
  4. Choose the session you want by clicking the green BOOK button.
  5. Choose what tickets you want.
  6. Choose number and type of tickets. If you are a member you can put your card number here and it will link to your membership. If you don't, we still have your information. Your selected tickets will show on your screen.
  7. Open and read the attendance rules and accept.
  8. Then follow the instructions in basket, tick and read Ts & Cs and pay.

The system will send you an email with your ticket (please also check your junk folder).  You MUST bring this with you, either just on your phone. (If your screen is cracked the scanner cannot detect it and print it out).

When you book, your information will added to the session.