2017 General Election result

A General Election to elect MPs to the Westminster Parliament was held on Thursday 8 June.

Live webcast of results

Summary of results

  • Electorate: 68,328
  • Total Votes Cast: 45,344
  • Percentage Poll: 66.4%
Total number of votes polled for each candidate
Name (and description) Votes
Chris Donnelly (Scottish Conservatives and Unionist) 11,521
Ross Laird (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 1,721
Danielle Rowley (Scottish Labour Party) 16,458
Owen George Thompson (Scottish National Party (SNP) 15,573
Ballot Papers Rejected 71
Total Votes 45,344
Ballot Papers rejected and not counted
(1) Want of official mark 0
(2) Voting for more than one candidate 19
(3) Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
(4) Unmarked or void for uncertainty 52
Total 71