Knit a mouse for our P1s

Mid Mouse knitting pattern

 Knitted mice 1

You will need: 

  • 3 mm or size 11 knitting needles 
  • Double knitting wool oddments 
  • Oddments of black wool for eyes and nose 
  • Small amount of stuffing 
  • Sewing up needle 

The mouse is made all in one piece starting with tail. 

Make the tail

Cast on 20 stitches using two needle method (this will not work if you use other methods) * 
Row 1: K2tog, slip all the other stitches off the needle and pull to unravel to create tail. One stitch. 

*If you prefer to make a tail and add when sewing up. 
Start at row three casting on 8 stitches. 
Tail cast on 18 sts then cast off. Sew on tightly.

Make Body

Row 2: Cast on 3 sts (4 sts) 
Row 3: Knit to end cast on 4 sts (8 sts) 
Rows 4 & 5: Stocking Stitch 2 rows starting with knit row 
Row 6: Increase into every stitch (16 sts) 
Row 7: Purl 
Row 8: (Inc 1, K1) to end of row (24 sts) 
Rows 9 -21 stocking stitch 
Row 22: K1 (K2tog, K2) to last 3 stitches K2tog K1 (18sts) 
Rows 23-27 Stocking stitch 

Adding ears and eyes

Break wool here leaving an end of approx. 2metres thread end onto sewing needle 
Row 28: K1 K2tog K1 K2tog, cast on 7, thread sewing needle through these 7 stiches and pull together tightly to form ear on right side of work, fasten of firmly, using a few stiches to secure. Continue with stitches on left hand needle, K1 K2tog K1 K2tog, again cast on 7, thread sewing needle through these 7 stiches and pull together and repeat as before, Last six stitches K1 K2tog K1 K2 tog. (12sts). 
Rows 29- 33 stocking stitch 
Row 34: K2tog to end (6sts) 
Thread needle through these stitches and pull tightly to form nose, then use remaining yarn to sew up seam, stuffing as you go. 
Use black wool to add eyes and black or pink for the nose.