Good Time To Be 2 applications

Special circumstances

Local Authorities may offer places to two year olds who don’t meet the Scottish Government criteria. We will consider a Good Time To Be 2 application for:

  • Two year olds on the Child Protection Register
  • Two year olds who receive medium or high DLA or PIP payments. This applies to families and children:
    • dealing with long-term disability or a health condition
    • and need help or support with daily living
    • and/or with mobility difficulties.

Discretionary criteria

Our criteria are:

  • Children with Additional Support Needs
  • Child or parents/carer with a critical or terminal illness
  • Bereavement – death of parent or main carer
  • Team Around the Child/ Wellbeing / Early Intervention and Prevention meetings
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Crisis

We only apply them where:

  • a family does not meet the eligibility criteria set by the Scottish Government
  • and a professional supporting the family agrees that the family meets one of the above criteria and would benefit from the funding.

Supporting statement

A professional who supports the family must complete the supporting statement proforma (PDF). Include this with your application.


Post or bring the application and supporting documents to:

Early Learning and Childcare Team
Fairfield House
8 Lothian Road
Dalkeith EH22 3AA.

The Early learning and Childcare team will decide on eligibility in consultation with other key partners.

Once the budget for discretionary places has been exhausted, we will not be able to support any more discretionary places.