School lunches

Our school meals offer:

  • healthy choices
  • at least 2 portions of fruit and vegetables
  • oily fish
  • excellent value for money

We are committed to sourcing from the UK when possible.  We use local suppliers for meat, vegetables and milk and all of our fish comes from sustainable sources.

All food in our schools complies with Scottish Government legislation. You can learn about health promotion and nutrition in schools on their website.

Primary school meals

A meal costs £2 for P4s to P7s.

School meals (but not milk) are free to all primary age children from P1 to P3.

High school meals

A Meal Deal costs £2.20:

Special dietary requirements

For medically prescribed dietary needs e.g. coeliac please contact your school office who can arrange a meeting with the Catering Supervisor.

Allergens in school meals

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