Online payments for schools and early years

ParentPayWe are currently introducing the ParentPay online payments system into all of Midlothian’s schools.

Use ParentPay to pay your school securely online by debit or credit card.

Pay for a large range of school services and activities including trips, milk and school dinners.

19 primary schools and nurseries are already using ParentPay and the remaining primary schools will be set up by the end of April.

Secondary schools will have access to the system after the summer holidays.

What you can do now

  • If you haven't already, create an account with our website.
  • Keep your username and password created above.
  • When your school is ready, an activation letter will be sent to you explaining how to use your account to access ParentPay.

Already activated your account?

Log into ParentPay


If you need help with your ParentPay account you can:


ParentPay will never ask for passwords, card numbers etc. If someone claiming to be from ParentPay asks for this, call ParentPay now:

  • 0247 699 4820