Find a school catchment

Midlothian is divided into catchment areas.  Every house is in a catchment area, where residents are given priority admission.

To confirm your catchment school and/or discuss please contact us:

Each catchment area has: 

  • a non-denominational primary school
  • a non-denominational secondary school
  • a Roman Catholic primary school
  • a Roman Catholic secondary school

Please note that your catchment school may not be the nearest school to your home.

Meeting future demand

With the fastest growing population of any local authority in Scotland, particularly within the early years and school age population, Midlothian Council continues to prepare to meet future demand for local services including education provision.

The rising number of school pupils will require the council to build more schools and extend existing schools to meet this growth. As a result, current school catchment areas may be subject to change during this period of growth.

For clarification on any potential school catchment area reviews prior to submitting a placement request please contact: