Apply for a school place

For a nursery school/class

Contact the school after your child's second birthday to place them on the waiting list. There are no catchment areas for nursery schools/classes.

For Primary 1

  • Your child can start school in August 2023 if their fifth birthday is between 1 March 2023 and 29 February 2024.
  • Registration for P1 at your catchment school will be in November 2022. The exact date that registration will open will be on this page.

How to apply for a primary school

For Secondary 1

You will automatically receive confirmation of your child's catchment secondary school by the end of November if your child is:

  • in Primary 7
  • living in Midlothian
  • attending a Midlothian primary school.

You need do nothing else if you want your child to attend the catchment secondary school. You can request a non catchment place online.

Registering after the start of the school year

To register a pupil into P1 or S1 after the start of the school year and at all other stages, contact the school in writing. The Head Teacher will check the roll/class composition and establish if there is a place.

This applies to both catchment and non-catchment schools.