Apply for a school place

For a nursery school/class

To place your child on the waiting list for their entitlement from when they turn three, contact the school after their second birthday. There are no catchment areas for nursery schools/classes.

For Primary 1

  • Your child can start school in August 2023 if their fifth birthday is between 1 March 2023 and 29 February 2024.
  • If your child is due to start Primary 1 in August 2023, they must be registered at their catchment school by the end of November 2022.
  • Letters were sent on 11 November 2022 for those children that attend a Midlothian Council funded Early Learning setting or partnership nursery. The letter will confirm which are your catchment schools.  

If your letter does not arrive by 18 November 2022, or your child does not attend a Midlothian Council funded setting or nursery, email Tell us:

  • the child’s full name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • the name of Early Years setting or nursery they attend. 

How to apply for a primary school

For Secondary 1

You will automatically receive confirmation of your child's catchment secondary school by the end of November, if your child is:

  • in Primary 7
  • living in Midlothian
  • attending a Midlothian primary school.

You need do nothing else if you want your child to attend the catchment secondary school. 

If you want your child to attend a non catchment school, you can request a non catchment place.