Non-catchment schools

You can apply for your child to be placed in a school outside your catchment area (a placing request). We will try to accommodate your wishes, but it may not possible to send your child to a school other than their catchment one.

If your child is already attending school and you want to move them to another school, please contact the school you would like your child to move to.

Placing requests

Before making a placing request, you should read our Placing in Schools booklet (PDF).


Complete an online placing request for the school term commencing August 2022:


To apply for a place during the 2021 term time, download a Word or PDF form:

Registering after the start of the school year

To register a pupil into P1 or S1 after the start of the school year, and at all other stages, contact the school in writing. The Head Teacher will check the roll/class composition and establish if there is a place.

This applies to both catchment and non-catchment schools.