Making sure pupils access place at local schools

Councillors agree to limit intakes

At a full council meeting on Tuesday, councillors agree to limit intakes at Burnbrae, Cuiken, King’s Park, Lawfield, St Andrew’s, St David’s, St Luke’s, Stobhill and Tynewater primary schools.

Pupil numbers will also be capped at Lasswade High School.

A spokesman for Midlothian Council said: “The council’s approach to pupil placement is to ensure there is a place for every pupil at their catchment school and to grant placing requests for siblings wherever possible. For the August intake it may not be possible to maintain this position for all schools and we are capping intakes now in order to ensure there is a place for every child at one of their local schools.

Plans to increase capacity

“There are plans to increase primary school capacity at some of the schools listed above. However, it will be at least two years before these extra places become available.

“We realise this will disappoint some parents and carers who have made placing requests. We wish to reassure parents and carers that places will be available at a school in their locality.”

Popular schools

The council heard the issue has arisen because of the recent growth in house building coupled with the popularity of some schools.


22 Mar 2016