Changes to how we allocate council housing

Crackdown on anti-social tenants

The change is one of a series of recommendations made to Council as part of a regular review of Midlothian’s Housing Allocation Policy.

Among the other changes, the Council can now crack down on anti-social applicants, as well as anti-social tenants. Those applicants will be suspended from the list where there is evidence of them engaging in anti-social behaviour, with a timescale for them to change their behaviour.

Priority for people living in Midlothian

Furthermore, applicants who are already homeowners, but do not have a specific need for council housing, will be also be suspended. However, more priority is to be given to those living in Midlothian.

The Housing Allocation Policy has had positive outcomes to applicants offered housing and is closely meeting the targets for Waiting List Groups. There has been a reduction in lets due to fewer new-build developments being completed in 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Better for residents

A spokesperson for the Council said that the changes would have a positive impact across the board, adding: “Households have improved housing options across all tenures. Homeless households and those threatened with homelessness are in a position to access support and advice services, while all unintentionally homeless households will be able to access settled accommodation.”

3 Jun 2016