Watch democracy in action with our webcasts


You can now watch meetings on a smartphone, tablet or laptop either live or afterwards

The young pupils from the county’s newest school, Gore Glen in Gorebridge, are among thousands of residents who now have the chance to see democracy in action on an Ipad, smartphone or laptop.

 Councillor Johnstone said: “Everyone from pupils to parents, residents and indeed anyone with smartphone, laptop or Ipad will be able to watch the full council and cabinet meetings broadcast.

“It’s a great opportunity to see how decisions affecting Midlothian communities are made, without having to come along in person.”

How the webcasts work

By visiting the page, viewers can see recent and upcoming webcasts to the right of the page. To view, they simply click on the title and the webcast will begin automatically. All webcast meetings will also be held in an online archive and can be accessed at any time by clicking on the webcast library tab on the same page.

Webcasts are archived

 Webcasts are normally archived within two days of the meeting date. If residents have missed any of the webcasts or would like to watch a section or meeting again, they can view the archive at any time. There are links in the webcast which allow viewers to jump to a specific agenda point or speaker.

 Viewers can also see the agenda and associated reports.

You can share on social media

 Councillor Johnstone explained that the share button allows viewers to share the link on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

 Residents can also follow Midlothian Council on Twitter @midgov and receive news updates and a reminder of when meetings will be webcast.

Make sure councillors are representing your interests

 Councillor Johnstone said: “As councillors we will need to be on our toes and make sure we stick to the point. Viewers will be able to see exactly who we are, what constituency we represent and even contact us directly. I’m really looking forward to people across Midlothian using webcasts as a tool to ensure we are fully representing their interests.”

 For more information or feedback, residents can comment the feedback link above each webcast or email comments directly to

Pictured with Cllr Johnstone are Olivia Rose Hutchison, 5, Nylah Bargon, 6, Aegan White, 8, William Aston, 5 and Ben Halleran, 10.

27 Sep 2016