Affordable Housing In Midlothian

Councillors have approved plans for more affordable homes

Midlothian Council leaders today (20 December) approved plans to deliver 1,441 new affordable homes through the Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2017/18-2021/22 (SHIP).

This is a significant increase in developments from the previous SHIP which identified the development of 672 units 2015-16-2019/20. The increase comes on the back of a Scottish Government announcement to increase the housing budget in the country to £3billion and raise the level of funding allocated to each unit.

New Available Housing

Midlothian Council has also committed to a third phase of new council housing development and the SHIP has identified 47 sites for affordable housing across a range of tenures:

  • 475 new council housing
  • 30 units bought on the open market and rented as council housing
  • 598 units will be Registered Social Landlord (RSL) Social Rented housing
  • 245 units will be RSL Mid Market rent
  • 93 units will be RSL Shared Equity
  • 115 units built as specialist provisions, such as Extra Care Housing

Cllr Kelly Parry said the needs of the community must be taken into account

Councillor Kelly Parry, cabinet member with responsibility for housing said “Affordable Housing must be carried out with a balanced approach to ensure the needs of the community are taken into account. 

We've built 2,414 new homes

Since the council began developing new housing, a total of 2,414 affordable or subsidised housing options have been delivered in Midlothian, increasing the supply of affordable housing and meeting the needs of our communities”

20 Dec 2016