Many thanks to hard working staff and communities


Many thanks to all our staff who are working round the clock in this extreme weather.

Hundreds of people working, on call and out through night

Hundreds of people, many of whom are on call and working through the night, who make sure roads are gritted and vulnerable people looked after when temperatures plummet.

We also call in external contractors to help

This winter the council has eight gritters, two mini gritters, nine mini tractors, along with lots of other equipment and vehicles e.g. shovels, ploughs and JCBs supplied by companies we work with in extreme weather.

There are more than 1,500 tons of grit

And with more than 1,500 tons of grit still in stock, we are confident our gritters have enough salt if the below freezing temperatures continue into next week.

There are 370 kilometres of priority routes

We like to remind local people that we must concentrate on keeping the 370 kilometres of priority routes, including roads to hospitals as clear of ice and snow as possible today and over the coming days, including the weekend.

We understand people often wonder why our gritters are driving straight past their street but this is because drivers have specific routes to follow and often they are back out within a matter of hours gritting the same road again and again if temperatures fluctuate.

Residents and staff working together

Many thanks to everyone who is helping by clearing pavements outside their homes during severe weather and checking on their neighbours.

There is some great work going on in our communities too with staff ensuring the elderly and vulnerable are kept safe and well. Staff are trudging through the snow to deliver medication, food and nursing care. Staff who live in outlying villages and towns, who are not able to get to work, are supporting their local areas through snow clearing and identifying those who need support. Staff have also offered to work 12 hour shifts to ensure that our vulnerable community members are cared for in residential homes. Our communities have also rallied round with snow clearing, staffing foodbanks, offering transport etc.

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1 Mar 2018