Council approves Single Midlothian Plan

Midlothian Council has approved an annual plan which sets out the outcomes local services are expected to deliver for local people.

Shared approach

The Single Midlothian Plan 2018/19 was agreed at a meeting of the full council on Tuesday (8 May).  It has also been approved by the Midlothian Community Planning Partnership, which brings together the council, other public, voluntary and private sector bodies and local communities to provide a shared approach to improving people’s lives.

Key priorities

The plan has three key priorities - to reduce the gap in learning outcomes; to reduce the gap in health outcomes, and to reduce the gap in economic circumstances. It also sets out ways in which local services will work towards achieving these, and includes targets and ways of checking progress.

Key themes

Key themes include ‘getting it right for every child’ (for example by improving educational attainment, employability and young people’s health and wellbeing); sustainable growth (such as supporting the regeneration of town centres and providing more affordable housing); improving opportunities for local people (including supporting people out of poverty and reducing health inequalities), community safety, and adult health and social care.

Areas for improvement

“The Single Midlothian Plan sets out the priority areas for improvement, based on consultations with our communities,” said depute council leader, Councillor Jim Muirhead. “Working with our community planning partners, our aim is to focus on the things that matter most to local people by tackling inequalities and improving the quality of life for those in the greatest need.” 

More information

10 May 2018