Counterfeit Goods Warning

Louis Vuitton handbag

Today on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day (6 June), Midlothian Council Trading Standards is reminding the public why they should not buy counterfeit goods.

Good reasons not to buy

  • The seller is committing a crime by selling you counterfeit goods so you are helping a dishonest person make money.
  • You may think you are getting a bargain but in reality the product you are buying is most likely of an inferior quality. 
  • Makers of the real product are losing money
  • Those who produce fake items are stealing the ideas and the work of another person.
  • Some counterfeit items can pose a health risk, for example toys which don’t meet safety standards, sunglasses which don't have the recommended UV protection and make-up with toxic ingredients.
  • Fake goods are often produced by exploiting workers in sweat shops.
  • Profits from fake goods can be used to fund criminal gangs to fund drug dealing or other types of organised crime.

Low quality and dangerous products

Cllr Russell Imrie, Midlothian’s cabinet member with responsibility for Trading Standards said:

“It’s understandable in these hard pressed financial times that consumers sometimes feel justified in buying fake goods. There is pressure to have the latest must have designer products. Genuine goods can be very expensive and out of most people’s budgets. However buying counterfeit products is wrong for so many reasons. Not only are the goods of a lower quality but there are often organised gangs behind these fakes who use the proceeds to fund criminal activity. Fake products can also be dangerous. I urge Midlothian consumers to stay away from counterfeit products.”

Need more advice or unwittingly bought something that is counterfeit?

6 Jun 2018