Online payments for parents a success

ParentPay Danderhall

More than 70% of parents and carers have signed up for Midlothian Council’s new online school payment system, ParentPay, in the first phase of its roll out across the county.

5129 sign ups

On average, 76% of parents and carers with children signed up in phase one.  In total, there have been 5129 sign ups with all primary schools now offering the service. ParentPay will be available in secondary schools in the next academic year.

Pleased with the uptake

Midlothian Council’s cabinet member for education, Councillor Jim Muirhead said, “We’re absolutely delighted to be able to give parents and carers the opportunity to pay online for expenses like school meals and trips.

This system is convenient, secure and takes the pain out of paying. Given that most of us are so used to paying for goods and services online already, there’s an expectation that local authorities will soon offer the same level of service.“

Pay securely online

With ParentPay, you can pay your school securely by debit or credit card online or in cash at PayPoint shops.

Danderhall Primary is among the final phase of primary schools signing up for ParentPay.

Less cash handled

Head teacher Jackie Ramage said: “We are delighted that 73% of our parents have already signed up for ParentPay which means that far less cash is being handled through the school office.  We hope that, by August, even more families will be on board and would encourage anyone who needs help or advice about how to sign up, to contact us at school.”

Signing up straightforward

Chair of the parent council at Danderhall, Debbie Baigrie followed the instructions by first signing up with mygovscot and then using an activation code supplied in a printed letter to create her ParentPay account.

Debbie, whose 10-year-old son Lewis is in P5, said, “I signed up quite early on once the service was offered at Danderhall. I’ve already used it to pay for school lunches, school camp and tickets to a show.

Pay at your convenience

As a working parent, it means I can now pay in the evening at my own convenience. It means I don’t have to worry about finding change or sending Lewis to school with large sums of money for summer camp.”

Pictured are Councillor Jim Muirhead, head teacher Jackie Ramage, parent council chair Debbie Baigrie and her son Lewis.

13 Jun 2018