Try the new outdoor gym at Mayfield Park

Outdoor gym

If local people in Mayfield and Easthouses are looking toned and in tip-top condition, it might be because they’ve been hitting our new outdoor gym.


Located in Mayfield Park, opposite the new Newbattle Community Campus, the gym is made up of ten different pieces of equipment.

A partnership project

The idea for the gym came from the local community council and has been funded by the council’s environmental funding at a cost of £22,500.

Take a pal

Unlike most outdoor gym equipment, the resistance levels of the equipment can be changed to suit the needs of the user. The kit, manufactured by Proludic, has also been laid in a circle and in pairs so users can buddy up.

Track your progress

Proludic recently launched an app which is compatible with the gym equipment, allowing users to track their workouts and progress.

Other improvements

Designed and built by the council’s Land and Countryside team, the opening of the outdoor gym follows improvement works carried out at the park last year.

Lots more to enjoy

Completed last August, the improvement works at Mayfield Park included a new multi-use path, which now links the park to the town centre, refurbishments to gates and the addition of new play equipment.

Great new local facility

Councillor John Hackett, the cabinet member for commercial operations, said:  “The Mayfield Park outdoor gym is a fantastic example of the council working with community councils to create exciting new facilities for residents.

Community asset

"The opening of the outdoor gym, and the work carried out last year to improve the play area and links to the town centre, has made Mayfield Park a greener, healthier and safer place.  I’m sure the park, boosted by these recent improvements, will continue to be a real asset for the community.”

Download the app

Roy Auld, the Proludic Area Manager, said: “It has been a most enjoyable experience to work with Midlothian Council and the Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council to see this project come to fruition with an outdoor gym facility that meets their needs. It really is great to see the equipment benefiting the local community.

“To further support the residents with their exercise regimes they can also download our free app called Proludic Sport, on their mobile phones which allows users to track their workouts and progress.”

Already well-used

Robert Hogg, the secretary of Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council, said: “This is a fantastic community facility that’s already being well-used. I’ve seen many families down here already having a go.”

Pictured are: Cllr John Hackett (sitting), Roy Auld, the Proludic Area Manager, Gary Cormack of the council's Land and Countryside service and Robert Hogg of the local community council.

15 Jun 2018