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Good Time to Be 2

Would your two-year-old child benefit from a funded place in a nursery, childminder or other early learning setting?

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Last year, around 250 families on certain benefits and with an annual income of less than £16, 105 secured up to 600 hours of early learning and childcare for their two-year-old child.  However, there are still more Midlothian families eligible for a place.

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Recommended by Kim

Kim Eastell’s son Emmett is one of the children enjoying his ‘Good Time to Be 2’ funded place with Hawthorn Children and Family Centre in Mayfield. Kim says she would recommend other families apply.

Loving it

She says: “Emmett is loving it here (at Hawthorn).  His favourite things to do are playing with the water tray – he loves splashing about - and also the building blocks.

Growing independence

“I think being at Hawthorn is helping him become more independent. He’s learning to sit nicely and socialise at lunchtimes, for example. He’s also taking turns and sharing, all of which we can also see him doing at home now too.”

Found out about places

Kim and her partner have three children, including daughter Autumn, 6. They heard about a Good Time to Be 2 from her son Zach’s paediatrician. Zach has additional support needs.

Applying is easy

Applying for a place for Emmett was straightforward. Staff at Hawthorn had the forms and the Eastells were informed Emmett was eligible within a couple of weeks. Emmett started his funded place back in February. His mum says he is an anxious child so id did take him a while to settle. However, with the support of staff, he is now thoroughly enjoying himself.

Great for rest of family

The extra time is also beneficial to his mum and dad. Zach doesn’t sleep well which disrupts the family’s rest too. Add to this the fact the family home is being renovated.

Good care

Kim says: “With all this going on, it’s good to know Emmett is being looked after and cared for.”

How to apply

Note: The number of nursery hours for our eligible 2-year-olds and three and four-year-olds will be almost doubling by 2020 to 1140 hours.


29 Aug 2018