More support for out of school care clubs

Midlothian Council is to strengthen its partnership working with out of school care clubs to make sure they can best meet the needs of local families.

New policy approved

At the full council meeting on Tuesday, councillors approved a new policy that will see the council work with parents and carers and out of school care providers to establish and support the development of high quality, affordable and sustainable out of school care in Midlothian Council buildings.

A vital resource

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Jim Muirhead said: “We recognise that, while as a council we don’t have a statutory duty to provide them, out of school care is a vital resource for modern working families.

“These clubs care for children and young people which, in turn, allows parents and carers to work, train or study.

Earlier increased charges rejected

“Earlier this year we rejected a proposal to increase out of school care let charges for charitable, voluntary and non-profit making providers from 5% to 50% of the standard let fees but as part of those discussions, we recognised we didn’t have a clear policy on out of school care and how it can best support local families.

Working together

“We’re delighted to say, therefore, that thanks to a lot of hard work by our officers who have worked very closely with the Midlothian After School Club Network, a policy is now in place.”

More information

Note: the Midlothian After School Cub Network is a body which represents and supports all the charitable and voluntary out of school care providers in Midlothian.

There are currently eight Out of School Care (OSC) providers using council premises across Midlothian with a registered capacity of over 700 places and around 1,500 children registered.

Out of school care providers which are not charitable, voluntary or non-profit making pay full standard let fees.


18 Dec 2018