Could you foster like Neil?

Neil Milliken fostering

Midlothian Council is appealing for foster carers, just like Neil Milliken, pictured.

Sold his business

Neil Milliken and his wife Louie have been fostering for almost eight years. Initially, it was Louie who was the main approved foster carer in the house but as Neil found more and more of his time taken up attending meetings about the children in their care, he decided to sell his building business to his partner and join his wife as a full-time carer.

More job satisfaction

He says: “I’ve had more job satisfaction that I ever did having my own business.”

Always looking for carers

Midlothian Council is always looking for foster carers, just like the Millikens. Our carers come from a range of backgrounds and life experiences.Some are single, some are in partnerships, some have children who have grown up and left while others don’t have any biological children.

A loving stable home

However, they all share a common commitment – to provide a loving, stable home to a local child or young person.

Challenging but rewarding

The Millikens, who have four daughters, including one daughter whom they adopted, would have no hesitation in recommending fostering. Neil said: “It’s very challenging but very rewarding.”

Do you have a spare room?

If you have a spare room, then find out more about fostering, including our fees and allowances, which are among the most generous in Scotland.





19 Jun 2020