Local businesses support the community

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic felt across the business community, Midlothian businesses have demonstrated how resilient they are by diversifying products and services to reach new clients and help local communities.

Giving back

Here are just a couple of good news stories from Midlothian businesses who are giving back and diversifying in the face of adversity.

JB Foods reach new markets

Based in Loanhead, JB Foods are traditionally a wholesale supplier to the catering market servicing the whole of Scotland and North East England. As restaurants and retail catering outlets closed during COVID-19, JB Foods quickly set up a consumer facing arm to supply products with home delivery.

Full catalogue

Initially launching with butchery produce, they had the challenge of creating a system to process individual orders. With this fully functional and running successfully, they are now providing their full catalogue for consumers to order from and have created package offerings for baking, barbecues, Sunday Roasts and breakfasts, amongst others.


JB Foods have also teamed up with various charities to provide ingredients for meals which are donated to those in need during COVID-19.

King’s Hill Gin supporting the local community

Ensuring health, safety and hygiene has never been more important, and King’s Hill Gin are helping to keep our health and social care staff protected with their own hand sanitisers. Using alcohol that would usually be distilled into one of Midlothian’s favourite gins, King’s Hill Hand Sanitiser was born and distributed free of charge to those who needed it.

23 Jun 2020