Grant helps council up its green credentials

Midlothian Council has been able to lease more electric vehicles to add to its green fleet thanks to a Scottish Government grant of £45,600.

Carbon neutral by 2030

Four Kia e-Niros are now being used by staff during working hours, helping the council reduce its carbon footprint and meet its commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Adding to our green fleet

The four cars are in addition to 11 electric vehicles already owned by the council and 12 leased electric vehicles.

A huge help

A Midlothian Council spokesman said: “The Switched on Fleets grant for 2019/20 has been a huge help in supporting our green agenda -  as outlined in our Climate Change Strategy - especially as the capital cost for electric or alternative fuelled vehicles is 20-40% higher than petrol or diesel vehicles.

More electric chargers

“The electric vehicles together with 21 council electric chargers across Midlothian and 17 privately installed electric chargers means we are helping reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.”

1 Mar 2021