Free period products available in Midlothian

Did you know that anyone needing period products (such as pads, tampons and reusable cups) can pick them up for free at various locations in Midlothian?

Statement of provision

Midlothian Council is making these products free under the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act 2021. All local authorities in Scotland have consulted with local communities and produced a statement describing how they comply with the act. 

Range of locations

In Midlothian there are a range of locations including schools, libraries and leisure centres where you can access free sanitary products. Locations will be reviewed annually and we are working towards having free sanitary products in Midlothian GP surgeries.

Order online

You can also order free sanitary products on-line through the supplier Hey Girls

Never feel embarrassed

Midlothian Council leader Cllr Kelly Parry said:

“No one should ever feel embarrassed because they don’t have the sanitary products that they need. I welcome the Period Products Act and I hope that our local community accesses the products which we have made freely available at a range of locations.”

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13 Sep 2022