Doing business with Midlothian Council

The tender process

  1. Being invited to tender
  2. Submitting a tender
  3. Late tenders
  4. Evaluating tenders
  5. Tender feedback

Being invited to tender

If you are invited to tender you will typically receive a document containing the following information:

  • Letter of invitation which will advise when, where and how tenders should be submitted.
  • Instructions which provide guidance for completing tender documentation.
  • Specification which sets out what needs to be achieved and includes policies, procedures and guidelines that need to be followed. Tenderers are expected to tender on the basis of this specification. The specification will include performance targets or criteria to be met in delivering the services, supplies or works.
  • Pricing schedule, which is the document where you enter your price/rates for the specified services or products.
  • Terms and conditions which are the Council's standard procurement terms and conditions.
  • Tender Evaluation Criteria which advises how the tender submission will be evaluated and the contract awarded.

Submitting a tender

The Contract Notice or Advertisement will detail whether an open or restricted procedure is being followed. Each tender process will typically require the supplier to provide information such as:

Financial Information

Financial details from each of the last 3 years. Private and Public limited companies must submit their fully audited accounts as registered with Companies House. Other companies should forward copies of financial statements, business plans or a certified statement of turnover. This information is assessed to ensure the company is financially stable enough for the contract in question. Other financial details, for example Insurance cover, may also be required.

Equal opportunities

We strongly support equal opportunity laws, and requires all suppliers to comply with equal opportunities legislation. Suppliers will be asked to detail and possibly provide evidence of how equality issues are included in a company's employment practices.


We are committed to protecting the local environment and ensuring a better quality of life for all. The Council expects its contractors to meet similar levels of environmental care. Suppliers will be asked to provide information and evidence for each tender proving commitment to environmental issues.

Health and Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone it works with. Suppliers must provide information about their company's safety policies, operational safety procedures and risk assessments.

Experience and Technical Ability

We need to assess whether a company has the relevant experience, resources and technical ability to carry out the categories of work or to provide the type and quality of service required. Suppliers should supply details of similar work carried out over recent years. They must also provide contract details of at least 2 referees with whom confidential references can be directly obtained by the Council. Further details may be required for particular contracts.

Late tenders

Tenders must be returned by the time and date advertised.

Any received after the deadline will not be considered and will be returned unopened.

All tender documents (paper or electronic) are opened at the same time to ensure a fair process.

Evaluating Tenders

Details of the specific evaluation criteria and the relative weighting of these criteria are included in the tender documents that suppliers receive with the Invitation to Tender.

Tenders are evaluated by such criteria as:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Competence
  • Experience
  • Technical Merit
  • After-Sales Service
  • Delivery Date
  • Technical Back-Up
  • Adherence to Council Policies and Procedures
  • Innovation
  • Communication

Contracts are awarded to the Supplier who's offer is deemed to be the Most Economically Advantageous Tender when taking into account price, quality, and the ability to meet our specification.

At any time during the tender process suppliers may be invited to give a presentation or attend an interview to aid the evaluation process. We may also conduct site visits to see firsthand how potential suppliers organise their work.

Tender feedback

We will provide feedback on request from any unsuccessful bidder.

Under OJEU Contracts, there is a legal requirement for such feedback to be given. Within the limits of confidentiality, unsuccessful suppliers can be told which aspects of their bid were strongest, which were weakest and may be advised on how to improve and develop for the future.

Feedback should be used to help improve any future bids made. Being unsuccessful in one bid does not mean you will be unsuccessful in future bids

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