Creating a fresh vision for Dalkeith town centre

Have your say: Dalkeith Town Centre Regeneration

Midlothian Council is updating the regeneration masterplan for Dalkeith, informed by a new vision for the town centre.

We listened to you 

During the late summer of 2022, residents, local groups and businesses had the opportunity to comment on draft proposals for the town centre drawn up for Midlothian Council by Reiach and Hall Architects. These went on display in Dalkeith Library and online, giving people the chance to see what was being proposed and to share their views.


This second phase of the consultation on the masterplan was held from 25 August to 4 September 2022. 182 survey responses were received, building on the feedback from 315 people who to part in drop-in events, virtual workshops and walkabouts earlier in the year.

What you said

  • The survey findings show that many people are in favour of some demolition and redevelopment, particularly around Jarnac Court and Eskdaill Court
  • A number also said that they want to see high quality, green, sustainable buildings that will stand the test of time
  • There is support for pedestrianising some of the town centre, where people can feel safe walking, wheeling and cycling
  • People want a greener town centre, with more trees, planters and places to sit
  • There is support for providing new, safe transport connections between local places and the town centre, especially Eskbank station, with some suggesting cycle routes and improved accessibility for pedestrians and wheelchair users
  • The survey shows that people want more independent businesses and a more diverse range of ‘higher quality’ shops, restaurants and cafes
  • There is support for providing more events, activities and facilities in the town centre to encourage health and wellbeing. In particular, there were many comments about film, cinema, theatre, and sports, and free or affordable activities for teenagers
  • There is also a desire to see Dalkeith develop its own cultural identity and programme of events, separate to Edinburgh

Next Steps

The feedback received will be used to create the final masterplan which will be brought to a meeting of the full Council in 2023. This will set out the Council’s proposals for taking the regeneration project forward.

Our initial proposals

Reiach and Hall Architects drafted initial ideas and proposals for the town centre regeneration, and these were the subject of the second phase of the consultation held between 25 August and 4 September 2022.

Please note that our consultation on these initial proposals is now closed, with the findings set out above. 

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