Creating a fresh vision for Dalkeith town centre

Frequently asked questions

There was a consultation in 2016. Why was another one needed?

While there was a public consultation that shaped a masterplan in 2016, that masterplan was never approved by the council due to the costs associated with it. Since then, a lot has changed: we have a big focus now on providing more and better housing for communities, making our buildings and town centre greener so we can become net zero by 2030, and we know that in the wake of COVID-19, people want different things from their local town centre. We are re-igniting the masterplanning process as we are committed to progressing regeneration proposals in Dalkeith in partnership with Midlothian communities, the voluntary and private sectors.

What are the timescales for when things will change in Dalkeith town centre?

In August 2022, we shared initial ideas and draft proposals for the town centre regeneration for comment, alongside an insights summary of what we heard from people during May and June. The proposals were displayed in Dalkeith Library at a drop-in launch event on Thursday 25 August 2022.  The proposals were on display, alongside the insights summary, in the library until 3 September, and on the this website between 25 August and 4 September 2022.

Your feedback will create a final masterplan that will go for Council approval in early 2023. We’ll share next steps with you after that.

What will happen to the existing buildings in Dalkeith town centre?

We recognise that there are lots of residents and businesses that have been affected by the uncertainty around what will happen to buildings such as Jarnac Court, Eskdaill Court and Buccleuch House. Part of the masterplanning process is trying to better understand which buildings we can refurbish or redevelop, and how this could and should be phased. The masterplan that will go to Council for approval in early 2023 will set out the plan for individual buildings, and in what phase the work will take place.

What will happen to my business if it is in one of the affected buildings?

Businesses are a big part of Dalkeith town centre, so we want to work with you to find a solution that works for everyone. Once the masterplan is approved, we will know which buildings and businesses will be affected in which phase. We want to make sure we can provide space in a phased way for businesses to go into when work is underway, and we will work on a one-to-one basis with business owners to make this happen.

What will happen to my home if it is in one of the buildings affected?

We recognise that there are lots of residents who have been affected by the uncertainty around what will happen to the buildings affected. By the end of 2022 we aimed to know what will happen to which buildings in which phase. From there, if buildings are to be refurbished we will work with our Housing Team to come up with a strategy to do this in a way that minimises disruption for you. If you are a homeowner, we will work with you as a Local Authority to find a solution that works for you. To help with this, we are also developing a Common Repairs Policy for mixed tenure buildings. If the building is to be demolished and redeveloped, we will work with tenants and homeowners to help you find a new home or arrangement that works for you. In the meantime, the Council’s Building Maintenance Team will support you with building-specific issues.

How will this affect the ongoing King’s Park Primary School consultation?

The wider town centre regeneration masterplan will not affect the work currently happening as part of the King’s Park Primary School consultation. Instead, we will be weaving in the conclusions of the King’s Park Primary School consultation into the wider masterplan for the town centre. The King’s Park design process and programme will continue as planned. No design work is being presented as part of the initial town centre regeneration consultation exercise.

Other questions?

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