Guidance and advice

Unfamiliar with Building Standards?

Are you doing building work or home improvements? If you are unfamiliar with building warrants, inspections and completion certificates, these basic guides are available:

Building warrants - the basic process (PDF)

Inspections - the basic process (PDF)

Completion - the basic process (PDF)

The Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government has also produced a detailed guide about Building Standards:

Building Standards Customer Journey (PDF)

Scottish system versus other UK systems

It is important to understand that the Scottish Building Standards system, and the associated regulations, differs from those in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The main difference is that, in Scotland, a building warrant must be granted before work begins on site.

The regulations and technical guidance on fire, environment, noise, energy and sustainability also differ in important ways. It is important that your proposed project complies with the Scottish Building Regulations.