Obtain a completion certificate

What is a completion certificate?

A completion certificate confirms that a building has been constructed, demolished or converted in accordance with the relevant building warrant. It also confirms that the building complies with Building Regulations.

Relevant person

It is the responsibility of the relevant person to ensure the work is completed correctly, and then to apply for a completion certificate. The relevant person is usually the person who authorises the work in the first place, such as the homeowner, tenant or building owner. They are also accountable for the completed work.

If you apply for a completion certificate, you are confirming that the work accords with the approved plans and specification, and with Building Regulations.

It is an offence to submit a completion certificate that you know is false: the Building (Scotland) Act 2003.

Reasonable inquiry

Once we receive a Completion Certificate - Submission, as part of our reasonable inquiry, we will inspect the property. We will also check the supporting documents detailed in the Construction Compliance Notification Plan (CCNP).

If all is in order, we will issue an acceptance of completion certificate.

Why a completion certificate is important

  • Under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003, it is an offence to occupy a new building, a conversion or an extension unless the relevant completion certificate has been accepted.
  • Buyers, solicitors, banks and building societies may need to see the certificate before you can sell or lease a property.
  • Without the certificate, building insurance may be invalidated.

Apply for a completion certificate - electronic submission

Apply for a completion certificate - paper submission