Obtain a completion certificate

Completion inspection

Once your Completion Certificate - Submission form and supporting documents are checked, the case surveyor will contact you to arrange the completion inspection.

The completion inspection is to check that minimum standards set out in the Building Regulations are complied with. We may also raise issues with the documents that support your submission.

During the inspection, the case surveyor will check that the completed work matches the approved plans and specification and the Building Regulations. The case surveyor may also:

  • test new smoke detectors using the in-built test buttons,
  • undertake the final drains test
  • require access to the roof space. The case surveyor will tell you beforehand if this is required.

What the completion inspection does not cover

It is very important that you are aware that Midlothian Building Standards is not responsible for:

  • checking the quality of work done or
  • acting as a clerk of works for snagging issues.

Supervision of the building work is your responsibility, or of the suitably qualified person or group you appoint to oversee the work on your behalf.