Obtain a completion certificate

Apply for a completion certificate - paper submission

Once the work is complete, the relevant person (usually the homeowner, tenant or building owner) applies for acceptance of a completion certificate to Midlothian Building Standards.

The owner must always be named on the Completion Certificate - Submission form. The owner is always notified when a completion certification is accepted or rejected.

There is no fee for applying.

Completion Certificate - Submission (PDF)

Guidance notes on Completion Certificate - Submission form (PDF)

Supporting documents

You need to submit supporting documents with your Completion Certificate - Submission form:

Apply for temporary occupation or use

With our agreement, an application for temporary occupation or use can be submitted whilst a completion certificate is being finalised.

We only grant permission for temporary occupation or use:

  • for a short period
  • and where the work is complete according to plans, specification and Building Regulations
  • but relatively minor issues outstanding mean that we cannot issue a completion certificate.

Usually the homeowner, tenant or building owner applies to Midlothian Building Standards for temporary occupation or use.

Application for Temporary Occupation or Use (PDF)

Building warrants issued before 01 May 2005

For queries about obtaining a completion certificate for a building warrant granted before 01 May 2005, please contact us directly.