Object or comment on an application

Anyone can object to or comment on an application for a licence to sell alcohol.

For advice and guidance on objecting or commenting on an application, download:

Objections and representations must be in writing. Send them to the Midlothian Licensing Board at the address below, or email licensing@midlothian.gov.uk.

The last day for objecting to or commenting on an application is shown on the licence application.

What happens if you object to or comment on an application

  1. A copy of your objection or representation will be sent to the applicant.
  2. The applicant may contact you to discuss your concerns and try to resolve the issues you have raised. Should your concerns be addressed, you may withdraw your objection at any time.
  3. When the Licensing Board hold a hearing to consider the application, you will be invited to attend.
  4. The Board will decide whether to grant or refuse the application licence at this meeting.

Personal details

In some exceptional circumstances the licensing authority may agree to withhold some or all of your personal details from the applicant if you are concerned with your details being disclosed.