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Publications for sale

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Titles for sale

Local history

  • Andrew Dodds: the Midlothian Poet (2009), £5.00
  • The Dalkeith Tolbooth and Market Cross by David R Smith (1998), £5.00
  • Early Railways of the Lothians by Michael J Worling (1991), £3.95
  • From Rosewell to the Rhondda by Archie Blythe (1994), £2.95
  • The History of Loanhead Children's Day by Alan McLaren (2001), £12.50
  • Mauricewood Disaster: Mining in Midlothian by Andrew Donaldson (1989), £2.95
  • Midlothian Gravestones by Islay Donaldson (1994), £6.95
  • The Origins of Street Names in Dalkeith by May G Williamson (1996), £6.99
  • The Prisoners at Penicuik: French and Other Prisoners of War 1803-1814 by Ian Macdougall (1989), £3.95
  • Roslin Gunpowder Mills CD-ROM by Winnie Stevenson and Veronica Meikle, £10.00

New Statistical Accounts

  • New Statistical Account of Midlothian: Part 1: the Western Parishes: Lasswade, Roslin, Glencorse and Penicuik (1987), £2.75
  • New Statistical Account of Midlothian: Part 2: the Central Parishes: Borthwick, Carrington, Cockpen, Cranston, Crichton, Fala & Soutra and Temple (1988), £2.95
  • New Statistical Account of Midlothian: Part 3: the Northern Parishes: Dalkeith, Newton and Newbattle (1988), £3.50

Fourth Statistical Account

  • Midlothian 2000 CD-ROM: a Fourth Statistical Account of Midlothian (2000), £15.00


  • Views of Midlothian, 10p
  • Views of Midlothian (large), 20p
  • Views of old Bonnyrigg and Lasswade, 15p
  • Views of old Roslin, 15p


  • Music of Midlothian - sung by Jean Redpath with Jo Miller, Steve Sutcliffe, Stuart Eydman and Alison Kinnaird (1989), £5.50
  • Variations - Newtongrange Silver Band conducted by Derek Broadbent & Tony Swinson (1998), £12.00
  • Another Pocketful of Silver - Scottish Brewers Silver Band (Newtongrange) Conducted by Raymond Tennant (1998), £10.00

Order by post

You can buy titles through the mail. Send your cheque and title details to the address below.

Please make cheques payable to Midlothian Council Library Service, and include the following for postage and packing:

  • United Kingdom: £2.00 per order
  • Overseas (airmail): £6.00 per item