Midlothian health activities

Midlothian Active Choices (MAC)

MAC is a referral scheme for adults who are sedentary or inactive and suffer from:

  • mild/moderate mental health conditions (anxiety/depression)
  • and/or weight management problems (BMI>30)
  • or chronic illness, such as Diabetes or COPD. 

We agree goals and action plans to help people become more active. Activity can accompany usual treatments such as medication, or replace them, providing more holistic treatment of mental health problems.

This is not a self referral programme. Referrals can be made by:

  • SCI Gateway under Physiotherapy
  • or by email or phone to ask for a referral form:
    Isabel Lean, 0131 561 6507 or [email protected].

Once referral is done it can be emailed or posted. Or if done through Sci Gateway, it is sent internally to Bonnyrigg Health Centre

There is more information on the Active Midlothian website.