2021 Midlothian East by-election

Stage 3

Midlothian East by-election Stage 3
The second excluded candidate was Joy Hannah Godfrey with 332 votes, which have been allocated as follows:

  • Hazel Flanagan, Scottish Labour Party, 108 transferable votes and total votes: 1,222
  • Stuart McKenzie, Scottish National Party (SNP)  115 transferable votes and total votes: 1,662
  • Alan Symon, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, 38 transferable votes and total votes: 1,364

71 votes were non transferable (total non transferable votes 99). 

As no candidate has attained the quota of 2,174 the count has now proceeded to Stage 4.

The candidate with the lowest number of votes, Hazel Flanagan will now therefore be excluded and her votes transferred to the remaining candidates in accordance with the voters’ next preferences.