School lunches

Free school meals

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all lunches are served in classrooms until further notice.

Meals are either a hot or cold packed lunch.

  • A hot lunch contains a hot meal, fruit, salad pot, and drink.
  • A cold packed lunch contains a sandwich, yoghurt, fruit, salad pot and drink.

The menu offers pupils a nutritionally balanced lunch which follows new Government Nutritional Guidelines (April 2021) which will include some of their favourite meals. Learn about health promotion and nutrition in schools on the government website.

We are committed to sourcing from the UK when possible.  We use local suppliers for meat, vegetables and milk and all of our fish comes from sustainable sources.

A packed lunch option will still be available on a Friday.

Paying for meals

Pay for school meals and other school activities using ParentPay.

Primary school meals

All P1 to P4 pupils are entitled to a free school meal in all schools.

A meal costs £2.10 for P5 to P7.

These classes will receive free lunch:

  • P5, from January 2022
  • P6 and P7, from August 2022.

Primary school lunch menus

High school meals

A Meal Deal costs £2.30 and consists of:

  • 1 main item (main meal, pizza, baguette, chickwich etc). Salad and veg are included.
  • 1 home-made soup or fresh fruit or yoghurt.
  • 1 drink from the menu.
  • High school lunch menu

Special dietary requirements

If your child has a medically prescribed diet, allergies or intolerances we will do our best to accommodate. Contact your school to arrange a meeting with the Catering Supervisor to discuss your options.

Allergens in nursery and school meals