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Health and Social Care Partnership

We plan and direct services that are delegated to us. We don’t directly employ or run any services. These services are delivered by others working in partnership – NHS Lothian, Midlothian Council, Third and Independent organisations and unpaid carers.

These services include:

  • Accident and emergency services
  • Some inpatient and community services – including geriatric, mental health, substance use, palliative care, ophthalmology,
  • Services provided by allied health professionals and district nurses
  • Dental services
  • Primary medical services provided under a general medical services contract including out of hours
  • Some pharmaceutical services
  • Some continence services and kidney dialysis services.
  • Services provided by health professionals that aim to promote public health.
  • Some NHS provision for people under the age of 18 
  • Adult Social Care services including services for adults and older people, adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health services, drug and alcohol services, criminal justice
  • Adult protection and domestic abuse
  • Carers support services
  • Community care assessment teams
  • Care home services
  • Adult placement services
  • Health improvement services
  • Aspects of housing support, including aids and adaptations
  • Day services, Local area co-ordination and Respite
  • Occupational therapy services, Re-ablement services, equipment and telecare

The organisations that provide these services follow a number of other plans including NHS Lothian’s Lothian Strategic Development Framework and Midlothian Council’s Single Midlothian Plan.

Useful documents/links: