No rise in school meals prices

At a full council meeting on Tuesday, councillors voted against the 15p increase, which would have seen primary school meals go up from £1.80 to £1.95 while secondary school meals would have been £2.15.

A spokeswoman said: “Although this was the first increase in three years, councillors felt any rise might impact on the number of children and young people taking school meals.

“Our uptake rates are among the highest in Scotland. We want parents to continue to have the reassurance of knowing their child is having a healthy, locally-sourced and freshly-made lunch.

“Meanwhile, primary pupils in P1 to P3 will still get free school meals, as will pupils who qualify for them.

“We have had to make some difficult decisions to address the budget gap of more than £7m. However, we have managed this without increasing the costs of school meals.”


8 Mar 2016