Stobhill pupils are the stars in our recycling video

Stobhill pupils in recycling video

Stobhill Primary pupils Tegan, Zachary, Zoe and Brennan enjoyed a lesson with a difference recently when Bob the Blue Bin came along to share his top recycling tips.

Bob told them what he loves to 'eat'

The recycling enthusiasts were raring to go after Bob ‘opened up’ about what he does and doesn’t like to eat.

Small electrical items give Bob indigestion

During the shoot, Bob told them: “Some residents think I like small electrical items for lunch like a kettle or iron. The truth is, they give me indigestion. I’d much rather eat paper, cardboard and plastic tubs so please tell whoever is recycling in your homes to take things like toasters to their nearest recycling centre.”

Bob the Blue Bin never touches textiles

Zoe Roy, Zachary Cuthill, Brennan Moffat and Tegan Acheampong, who are taking part in our new recycling campaign, found out too that poor Bob never touches textiles, not even for a light snack.

He said: “Textiles like old jumpers make my tummy hurt so please take them to clothing banks – you’ll usually find them in the car parks of local supermarkets – or your recycling centres.”

Don't feed your blue bin mobile phones please

Another myth Bob burst was that blue bins love old mobile phones. They don’t.

Bob thanked residents for pushing up recycling rates to 54%

Bob, who also thanked residents for pushing our recycling rates up to 54%, said: “Taking the time to put the correct items in the correct bins can not only stop them going to landfill – so you’re doing your bit for the environment – but ultimately you are saving money, as remember there’s heavy penalties incurred by the council from firms sorting our recycling.

We can save thousands of pounds a year and help the environment by recycling

"Just taking that bit more time to make sure your items are recycled correctly could save you, as taxpayers, many thousands of pounds over the course of a year. Doing easy things like remembering to wash out your old  cartons is a huge help as even a small amount of leftover milk often ends up all over clean recycling when cartons are squashed. Those items then wouldn’t be able to be recycled.”

The pupils agreed they enjoyed taking part in the video

The pupils agreed they loved taking part in our video to remind residents what to put in the blue bins.  “It was really good fun and it is very important to recycle,” they said.

For more information on recycling with Midlothian Council

Pictured from left to right are: Tegan Acheampong, Brennan Moffat, Zoe Roy and Zachary Cuthill.

10 Mar 2017