Staff message from the Chief Executive March 26

Good Morning. As we journey through another day together, working in very different ways, I wanted to say how proud I am of your work and the outstanding contribution you are making. Thank you to those who tweeted yesterday sharing their fantastic work. There were tweets from our new Learning Hubs and from teachers and pupils who are working/learning from home. Many schools are using a variety of methods including Google Classroom.  Some pupils were also making their lunch -  the result was healthy mushroom soup. They were also making everyone hungry by tweeting pictures of their wonderful dishes - I am sure there was also a picture of a lovely lasagne which was tweeted last night.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit us on twitter at #kindnessmidlothian please take some time to do so. If you are not on twitter but have access to a computer or phone, just type Midlothian Council twitter into your google search engine and you will find us.

As the week continues we will be training staff who will be helping us by moving from their main post to undertake alternative duties in Adult Health and Social Care, assisting the contact centre, helping deliver food and medicines to our most vulnerable and many more tasks which need to be undertaken. To those who have started this training, we wish you the best of luck and we hope you enjoy your new role.

For those who completed their Contact Centre training yesterday I hope you are enjoying your first day. This will really help our Contact Centre team who have been delivering an outstanding service in very challenging circumstances. Well done to everyone in the Contact Centre for the impressive work you are doing on the front-line helping to support our most vulnerable people.

Over the weeks which lie ahead, Adult Health and Social Care’s Care for People group will be supporting those who have the most serious underlying health conditions who have been asked to self-isolate for 12 weeks. This vital work is called Covid-19 Shielding and is essential in order to protect our most vulnerable. We will also be delivering #kindnessmidlothian postcards to our 12,500 single person households with contact details of the help and support which is available. My thanks to the many staff and volunteers who are helping us with this essential work. 

My thanks also to our Place Directorate who are delivering essential support functions. We are so grateful for your work as without this we would not be able to deliver the services relating to Adult Health and Social Care, Children and Young People or to our Communities. I really liked the picture of  Sherman and Gary from Waste Services which was tweeted yesterday (the caption says “give a big, hand-sanitised round of applause to our socially-distancing waste services team”) #kindnessmidlothian.

 I look forward to seeing more tweets today at #kindnessmidlothian. The tweets were fantastic yesterday, I am loving the rainbows which are now popping up in windows everywhere in our community – there are even some on trees.

To colleagues who are unwell, or who have family members who are unwell, our thoughts are with you and please get well soon.

 Whether you are on the front-line today or working remotely, I hope you have a good day. Please stay connected to each other, at the same time as adhering to social distancing measures of course. Remember if you are working alone, and want to chat, pick up the phone to a colleague or even better invite them for a virtual lunch.

Thank you for your continued work which is helping to protect our Midlothian Community and helping the NHS save lives.

With best wishes,


26 Mar 2020