Midlothian hosts Scotland's first walking rugby festival

Midlothian made sporting history on Saturday when it hosted Scotland’s first walking rugby festival.

Great success

Organised by Midlothian Council’s Ageing Well team, the event was at King’s Park in Dalkeith.

Midlothian team wins

Two Midlothian teams, the Uncoachables and the Unpickables, battled it out in the deciding match with the Midlothian Unpickables taking home the top prize of the East Region Walking Rugby Cup. 

All who took part

David West of the council’s Ageing Well service thanks all the teams who took part -  Linlithgow, Murrayfield Wanderers All Stars, Midlothian Uncoachables, Strathmore, Broughton, Accies and Trinity and Midlothian Unpickables.   

Blazing a trail

He says: “The day was great, the sun was shining and feedback from all the teams involved is that they really enjoyed themselves.  They are all also helping to pioneer the new sport in Scotland, which is fantastic.”

Thanks to everyone

David also thanked sponsors 99 Ventures and Cochrane & Sons Decorators as well as Dalkeith Rugby Club, The Scottish Rugby Union, all the volunteers and the council’s sport and leisure service.

17 May 2022