Can you support parents looking to improve job skills?

The Parental Employability Support Fund is a Scottish Government initiative set up to support working and non-working parents to increase their family income. 

The fund will provide personalised support for parents in any of the following categories:

  • those who are unemployed and have a disability
  • those who are aged 25 or under
  • those who receive Early Learning and Childcare funded hours

Can you provide support and training?

Midlothian Council is looking to procure services and/or training to offer the following support to eligible parents:

  • IT, digital and data skills to help parents gain qualifications and develop skills such as the use of software applications to develop digital skills for work.
  • Women into Enterprise support to help parents to look at options of self-employment and developing their own enterprising ideas.
  • Upskilling of parents who are women to enhance their skills and gain qualifications and better paid employment.
  • Support to those who are in low paid or insecure work to upskill, gain qualifications and better paid employment.
  • Customer service skills for remote working. Many parents, particularly disabled parents, find that working from home increases their productivity and health and wellbeing but need skills and strategies to secure this type of employment.
  • Support to young parents (under 25) with programmes to allow them to meet with other young parents and address a whole range of issues and subjects related to parenting, confidence building, developing skills and securing employment

Boost Fund

Successful applicants will receive funding from the PESF Boost Fund to provide this training. This will cover the period until March 2023.   Projects/ training will need to be able to be implemented quickly therefore applicants will need to detail how they will achieve this in their funding application. 

Apply for Boost Fund

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For more information or to submit your application please email


Deadline for applications is 8 July 2022.

1 Jul 2022