Water supplies

Private water supply

A private water supply (rather than a 'mains' supply) can come from sources including:

  • boreholes
  • springs
  • burns
  • ponds
  • wells

Private water supplies are vulnerable to contamination that may cause infections or other ill effects.

Lead in water

In Scotland, large amounts of lead do not exist naturally in our water supplies. However there can be high lead levels when drinking water comes into contact with:

  • lead supply pipes
  • lead tanks
  • lead solder joints on copper pipes
  • inferior quality brass fittings and taps

particularly for longer periods, for example, overnight, weekends or holidays periods.

Health risks

Exposure to high levels of lead can be harmful to health especially for unborn babies and young children.

Visit NHS Inform for more information on lead poisoning

Arrange a water supply test

Mains water supply test

Call the Scottish Water Helpline to organise for a water sample to be taken from your property, free of charge:

  • 0800 077 8778

Private water supply test in Midlothian

Contact us if your are concerned with the quality of the water or think you may have high lead levels.

We will arrange to have your water tested, for a small charge, and can advise on reducing lead levels if necessary.

Improvement grants for private water supplies

Applications can be made by:

  • owner occupiers
  • landlords
  • tenants

Grants of up to £800 per property are available and in some circumstances additional funding may also be available.

We cannot issue grants for works which have already started or been completed.

For more information please contact us.