Responsible dog walking

All dog walkers must keep their dog under control.

If you are walking a dog for another person during the pandemic, keep the dog on a lead at all times to avoid contact with other people and dogs. At this time it is recommended that dogs are kept on a lead.

Carry a supply of bags, so you can clean up after your dog. Always dispose of the bag properly. You can use any litter bin to dispose of bagged dog waste. If there is no bin nearby, keep the bag until you can dispose of it appropriately.

Read the Scottish Government guidance for advice on:

  • professional dog walking
  • animal care
  • what is permitted during the pandemic restrictions.


  • If walking a dog for another person, avoid going into the person’s home.
  • Comply with social distancing guidelines.
  • Wash your hands before and after contact with animals. 

The police can enforce restrictions on movement and gatherings in terms of the Health Protection (Coronavirus)(Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations.