How we support you

The support we provide to all our carers includes:

  • Fees and allowances among the most generous in Scotland
  • 14 days paid holidays
  • Ongoing training to develop your skills and specialist interests
  • Regular contact with your own social worker
  • Support groups with other local foster carers
  • Tailored family events and social evenings for foster carers
  • A specific social support group for your birth children
  • Emergency Social Work Services (ECWS) provides out of hours support and advice.
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Foster carers can now take part in an online learning webinar about Tax and National Insurance.

Fees and allowances

We value families who offer support and care within their own homes to our most vulnerable children and families. Our fees are among the highest in Scotland.


Their dedication and commitment is why we believe that our foster carers should receive a generous financial reward for the highly skilled and demanding work they do.

Payment is made up of two parts:

  • A fostering fee for the skill carers bring to their fostering role. This depends on the carer's level of skill, commitment and engagement with professional development.
  • A fostering allowance for each looked after child, which varies depending on age, to cover costs for food, clothing, activities, school equipment and pocket money.

We also provide other financial benefits for the child including birthday, a holiday and Christmas allowances.

Age Band Weekly Fortnightly
up to 4 £168.31 £336.62
5 to 10 £195.81 £391.62
11 to 15 £195.81 £391.62
16+ £268.41 £536.82
Level Weekly Fortnightly
Probationary fee £255.89 £511.78
Standard fee £323.46 £646.92