Be a #fosterhero just like Angela and Paul

Fostering angela and paul

We are urging local people to ‘do something incredible’ by becoming a ‘foster hero’ just like Angela and Paul Ross. 

Drop-in events

Come along and meet Angela at one of our informal drop-in events to find out more about the joys and rewards that come with fostering with Midlothian Council.

Cared for 13 children

Angela and Paul have been fostering for three and a half years and in that time have cared for 13 children either for short or longer periods.

So rewarding

Angela says: “Knowing you are making a difference is just so rewarding. We look after children seven and under so giving the little ones confidence and resilience is amazing.”

Lots of reasons for coming into care

Birth families have not been able to look after the many children in Angela and Paul’s care for various reasons so some arrive overwhelmed and traumatised. 

Children thrive

Some younger children come with limited language skills while other little ones have to catch up on areas of development they may have missed. All of them blossom with Angela and Paul’s care and support.

Come on leaps and bounds

“When you look back at photos when they first come they look like different children,” says Angela.

The joys of fostering

She says there’s so many nice aspects of fostering. “The cuddles are lovely and when you pick them up from nursery you get an amazing welcome from them.”

Thoroughly recommend fostering

Angela says she would thoroughly recommend fostering although anyone considering it needs to be committed.

Get in touch

If you have a spare room, find out more about fostering with Midlothian Council