What is VOCAL?

Having a family member or friend who is using drugs or alcohol can be:

  • confusing
  • frustrating
  • lonely
  • expensive
  • hard to cope with
  • can take a toll on your own health.

VOCAL's family Support Addictions (FSA) service provides a wide variety of free and confidential support including information about:

  • substances
  • addiction
  • your rights
  • legal matters
  • support and specialist services.

The FSA team run a monthly SMART Family & Friends group and can support you with:

  • stress management
  • healthy eating
  • access to gym and fitness sessions
  • activities to help you unwind.

The wider VOCAL team can also provide information on practical support with:

  • welfare benefits
  • grants for breaks and household items
  • how to reduce you household bills.

Download VOCAL's Family Support Addictions leaflet (PDF)

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