Public safety

Temporary raised structures

If you are organising an event which will include the use of a temporary raised structure, you must obtain a permit under Section 89 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

A 'raised structure' means a platform, stand, staging or other similar structure, which is 600mm or more above surrounding ground/floor level, and which provides seating or standing accommodation for viewing or working.

Temporary raised structures are often used at sports, musical, and corporate events. Examples include:

  • temporary grandstands providing seating or standing at golf, bowling, circus, pop concerts, hall staging, boxing events etc.,
  • stages at concerts etc.,
  • tent or marquee structures not in direct contact with the ground (i.e. erected on a raised structure) and
  • media platforms for camera persons or commentators etc.

The erection of temporary raised structures that do not require building warrant approval must be safe for the public on and around them.

Applying for a permit for temporary raised structures

Apply for a permit to erect and use a temporary raised structure or structures by emailing and we will advise you of the application process and fee involved.