Snowsports for schools

Schools Ski Programme

The programme allows children to learn snowsports within curriculum time.

"I'm hooked now, I just love to ski. I started as part of my PE course but now I come up on my own with or without my friends, I've even managed to get my Mum to take lessons!" David, S4

This video explains how the programme works.

Midlothian Ski Club

Courses in skiing, snowboarding and race training, for children resident in Midlothian age 8 years and over.

Skiing, snowboarding and race training

Course Day Dates


Level  2 
Level 3 - 4
Level 5 - 6

16:00 to 17:30
29 August - 3 October 2023


Race Training ( Level 7 & above)

16:30 - 18:00
30 August - 4 October 2023

Please note the above stated class times include 15 minutes at the start of the lesson to collect equipment and 15 minutes at the end to return equipment.




We supply all equipment for skiing and snowboarding, and it's all included in the price. Helmets must be worn by all participants.


What to expect on your visit

This film features pupils from Glencorse Primary, Penicuik. They are on the slopes taking part in various classes and enjoying the centre's facilities.

A guide for teachers

Useful information for teachers before arranging a visit to the centre.

Additional support needs

We are happy to accommodate children with additional support needs, but please tell us of requirements when booking. Usually the child can participate as part of a class, however there are occasions when safety dictates a one-to-one ratio. We expect the supervising teacher to actively support the lesson and the instructor.


We also offer lessons with our bi-ski, a type of sit ski. It allows individuals with limited movement of the limbs to experience snowsports. The bi-ski is guided by one of our qualified members of staff (depending on availability).