Destination Hillend

Multi-activity centre planned

Destinal Hillend 2022 building

Destination Hillend

The council is building a year-round, family-orientated, multi-activity leisure attraction to improve and safeguard the future of Midlothian Snowsports Centre.

What we will offer

The centre will remain open during the phased development, which will include:

  • Scotland's first Alpine coaster (due to open winter 2023).
  • One of the fastest ziplines in the UK (due to open in spring 2025)
  • Infrastructure upgrades – additional car parking and upgrading of access road to two lanes (due to finish late autumn 2023)
  • New reception building for Snowsports Centre (due to open spring 2025)
  • New A702 junction (due to complete in summer 2023)
  • Food court and function space/children's party rooms (due to open spring 2025)
  • Associated retail space (due to open spring 2025)
  • Glamping village (due to open summer 2025)
  • Soft play and indoor climbing (due to open spring 2025)
  • Funslope (now open)

Benefits of the project:

  • Creates the opportunity for Midlothian to have a national tourist attraction, with total visitor numbers expected to rise from 139,000 to an estimated 485,000 annually.
  • Destination Hillend is forecast to make a net contribution of over £1m a year to the council’s revenue budget when fully open. This will pay for vital council services.
  • Estimated annual employment figures are 150 full-time equivalent jobs (ftes) during the construction period and between 106.9  and157.9 ftes once the building is fully open.
  • Direct income to the local economy is £3.6m per annum during construction and between  £2.6 and  £3.8m per annum once the development is fully up and running.
  • Access from the A702 will be significantly improved thanks to a new, improved junction, which will include a pedestrian crossing.
  • Public transport buses will be able to drop passengers outside the Destination Hillend entrance.
  • Car parking spaces will go up from 160 spaces to 385 spaces. There will be dedicated staff spaces and coach parking.
  • The new junction is enabling infrastructure for potential future hotel and the Pentland bike trail centre on neighbouring sites, contributing to the creation of a tourism hub at this location.
  • Destination Hillend will continue to provide additional education and long-life learning opportunities for schools and community groups throughout Midlothian and the wider city region area.

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